Solar In Ontario

Rideau Solar combines the advances in solar technology with exceptional customer service to maximize benefits of solar power plants.

Rideau Solar provides cost effective services to Solar Farm Operations and Maintenance ranging from panel diagnostics & replacement to grass cutting and snow clearing.

Rideau Solar provides equipment and installation services for homeowners and businesses looking to control their hydro costs. With solar programs offered under Net-Metering programs, this is the perfect time to add value to your home, reduce hydro costs and contribute to sustainable and healthy environment

Ontario MicroFIT Solar Program 

Ontario MicroFIT Program Solar Installation

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Net-Metering Solar Program

Hydro Net-Metering Program

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Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-Grid Solar Installation

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Our Services

Rideau Solar provides Solar Installation and Solar Operations and Maintenance services. We offer a full suite of solar technical services to ensure your system maintains peak performance. Our goal is to extend the lifetime of the system and it’s components and to ensure maximum output for the full duration of your Ontario MicroFit or FIT contract, Solar Net-Metering program or Off-Grid solar solutions.

Solar System Installation 

Solar System Operations and Maintenance

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Solar System Operations & Maintenance

Solar System Operations and Maintenance

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