Product Description

Our DIY kits include only the highest quality components, all of which are approved for use in the MicroFIT program and meet the MicroFIT 3.0 domestic content requirements. We can customize a kit to suit any structure. We can also ship our DIY kits to any Ontario location.

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This system is ideal for installation on a garage, barn, house, or workshop with a shingle or metal roof.

Your 10 kW DIY Solar Kit will include:

– 40 x Canadian Solar Quartec 250 Watt polycrystalline solar panels
– 40 x Enphase M250 240 VAC 250 Watt micro inverters
– Kinetic Solar K-rack roof mount racking for asphalt shingle roof, portrait layout, 48″ centers
– Mounting hardware
– Enphase Engage trunk cabling – 40 connectors, 240 VAC, portrait
– 25m of bare AWG 6 guage copper ground wire
– Breaker Panel with 2P Breakers
– 60 amp AC disconnect with 40 amp fuses
– 200 Amp dual gang meter base
– Roof sealant
– Weather resistant cable ties

This system is designed for a string size of 10/10/10/10. Custom string sizes available.