Product Description

Whether a farm, acreage, summer retreat, camp, cabin, or cottage, off grid living is reality for thousands of Canadians. Off Grid systems are ideal for small, remote residences that only require power for basic appliances such as: radios, lights, well pump or cistern pump, toaster and other basic appliances. The 645 W Off Grid kit is designed to be used with a back-up generator for those times where an emergency charge or larger loads are required. This systems is completely turn-key (pre-wired) which makes installation easy.

The kit includes:

– 250W x 3 solar array with roof / ground mount
– 4.0 kW Magnum MS-AE 4024 inverter with remote
– Outback FM60 60A MPPT charge controller
– Outback remote temperature sensor (RTS)
– Magnum remote control
– 415 AH (24VDC) battery bank with battery cables and hardware
Available Power: 1.8 kWh/Day (75 Ah/day @24VDC)

Battery Capacity: 10.8 kWh (450Ah @ 24VDC)

Ideal for a summer home used throughout the summer: 2-3 people