We Offer End to End Solar Installations

From the first point of contact, Rideau Solar provides everything you need from a free site assessment, system design, engineering and installation. We continually working closely with local municipalities and Hydro utilities to manage permitting and project commissioning. We don’t stop there, we also provide post-installation operations & maintenance services, we make your solar project easy.

Solar System CommissioningOur feasibility assessment starts with a free site visit to determine the best application of available renewable technology for off-grid or grid-assist solutions or to identify the potential for an Ontario MicroFIT or FIT project.

Rideau Solar has gained valuable experience from its active involvement in the detailed design and development phase of each project that we have undertaken. We are able to assess the best application of available renewable technologies by evaluating a proposed location against set criteria and in turn we are able to recommend a financially viable renewable solution.

Solar System DesignDuring the design phase the Rideau Solar Team will work closely with our Client/Owner or third party Contractor in combination with Mechanical and Structural Engineers to design a System that will perform to meet design criteria and the needs of the Client/Owner while integrating seamlessly into the existing building structure and mechanical systems. By the end of this phase a complete set of Design Drawings and Specifications will have been generated.

Solar Panel InstallationWe take a careful and conservative approach to project installation choosing to work with superior suppliers of products that are durable and adaptable across multiple structure types and yet facilitate a simplified approach to construction efficiency. Rideau Solar will recommend solar products and system components or use our resources to find exactly what you want.

Solar System DesignRideau Solar has worked with several municipalities in Ontario in the permitting process for Renewable Energy Projects including electrical/mechanical systems and entire design build projects. As part of our services we will assist with the submission process required to obtain all necessary approvals and permits.

Solar Tracker InstallationRideau Solar directly manages its project construction through its in house project managers and project design coordinator with supervision at the job site provided by the construction managers. We take a customer focused approach to completing our projects, ensuring that there is successful scheduling, budgeting, on-site safety, availability of materials, logistics, and minimal inconvenience to the Clients/Owners caused while the project is ongoing.

Hydro Solar MeterYour solar project commissioning is the process of assuring that all systems and components of your solar system are designed, installed, tested, and are in fully functioning according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client. our Commissioning activities, usually are applicable to all phases of the solar project, from the basic and detailed design, procurement, construction and assembly, as well as utility connection and verification and until the final handover of the unit to the owner.

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