Operations & Maintenance Services

Getting you solar project installed and commissioned, is only the start of a high yield successful solar system. It’s essential to provide the necessary system checks and property maintenance to ensure your system is producing it’s maximum power and revenue output. Our post-installation operations & maintenance services is a complete suite of technical services including site inspection, preventative maintenance to identify potential issues earlier and to enable your system to remain at peak performance, we make your solar project easy.

Solar Panel InspectionWe understand the importance of regular solar maintenance and the negative factors that impact your system. We work to maintain the product warranties of our customer’s solar installations, ensuring they receive the best return on investment. Our Solar PV Service, Solar Maintenance, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) are only be performed by experienced licensed professionals.

Solar Tracking SystemTrackers generate more electricity than stationary solar installations due to increased direct exposure to the sun. This increase can be as much as 10% to 25% depending on the geographic location of the tracking system. But with added mechanical movement comes more changes of component failure. There are many different kinds of solar trackers, such as single-axis and dual-axis trackers that Rideau Solar can inspect and maintain professionally.

Solar Inverter InspectionOur inverter maintenance and management service provides that professional attention to the inverter component of the plant, by ensuring that the inverters are serviceable, ready for use 24 hours per day. By increasing the reliability of the inverters used in a solar project, we are able to reduce the downtime due to a reduction of inverter failures, helping our customers increase their productivity, with limited downtime.

Solar Mount InspectionThe solar mounting system is the foundation of the system and without regular maintenance, your whole array can fail, halting revenue from your MicroFIT or FIT and incurring additional costs. With surrounding conditions and other negative factors, your flashing, rail mounts or panel clamps can shift and throw your system specifications off. We can identify these potential weak points and provide the necessary corrections to ensure a long producing solar system or solar plant.

Hydro Net MeteringAny system that produces even small amounts of electricity can be potentially dangerous, creating the possibility of electrocution and fire hazards. Improperly installed systems can cause serious safety hazards to property owners, friends, family, employees and local electrical utility workers. Our solar electrical maintenance service, whether it is stand-alone or connected to the grid, follows all Hydro regulations and safety requirements by licensed professionals.

Bird Nest Solar PanelIf you have invested in a system, or your company’s reputation rides on the quality of your installations, solar panel protection is a must. Rideau Solar will inspect for rodent damage to keep your panels safe from birds, squirrels, raccoons, and anything else that wants to make your solar array their home.

Solar Panel Snow RemovalMost solar revenue predictions are calculated with winter in mind, so if you can get more sun during the winter months, that’s additional revenue in your pocket and minimizes undue structural overload. Rideau Solar uses a fully “touch free” snow removal process that uses our mobile heater blowers do not damage the solar cells, panels, inverter or other components. Panels manufacturer’s warranties are not affected by this process.

Solar Panel Vegetation Control Weed or vegetation management is very important for ground-mounted solar systems. Tall weeds growing around the installed solar array can create shading, which can negatively impact system production and revenue. In certain cases, it can also cause hot spotting, if a portion of the solar cell is shaded, the cell can heat up to such extreme temperatures that a module can burn out causing permanent damage.

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